My Wildest Dreams

What if your dreams all came true? I challenge you to consider that they already have. What we “wish” for is actually what we think about the most. So if we obsessively ponder our problems all day, we are sending our vital energy into re-creating those problems. If we constantly focus our thoughts on the anxiety of an uncertain future, we miss what’s happening right now. Life is right now.


But what about those Wild Dreams? How do we make them come true if we’re always caught up in the moment?


Manifesting is a bit mysterious. It begins with an intention. I talk a lot with my yoga classes about creating specific visions of how we want our lives to be. Before or after we meditate we take a moment to experience our most cherished feeling, or to picture our ideal lives, including the sounds, smells, tastes, sensations and sights that bring it to life. I like to experience a feeling of joy growing in my heart and tingling through my whole body. From this place it’s easy to imagine myself doing the things I love, spending time with my dear ones, surrounded by beauty, and contributing my work happily to the world.


The Realm of Infinite Possibilities


The interesting thing about intentions is that they don’t always manifest exactly the way we picture. Sometimes they manifest in amazing ways we could have never imagined. Other times we get something different, but it gives us the feeling we were seeking in a better way.

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