Paint It Black


There is no good reason to let depression get me down, I say!


Paint It Black

Paint It Black

Life is like a succulent ripe strawberry, sweet, tart, and full of possibility. Yet some

days inspiration falters. I don’t feel like talking to anyone. I question my path in life. I wonder if I have what it takes to feel worthy of the precious gift of life.


Today was one of those days. I turned down all invitations and slunk through my house cleaning and fixing things. When the sun came out I went for a long run in the park. Nothing lifts my mood more than a good Spring cleaning. I deep cleaned my kitchen and chipped away at household clutter. I deep cleaned by body with raw foods and home brewed Kombucha. I cleaned my skin with exercise and a good sweat.


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The Perfect Man For Me

 Life is

Life is

I have found

The perfect man

For me


He’s cute and charismatic But that’s not the point


What makes him perfect

For me

Is that

He lives 833 miles away

He’s not that into me

I can dream about him Anytime


I need not



A relationship



Although I might say that we are dating regularly. About once a year. But he doesn’t call me, so I still need not fear a relationship.

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